A next-gen home decor

Explore more than 10+ available mountain range locations and experience world's most natural pieces of beauty!

Modular properties

Easily mountable 3D landscape models on any magnetic surface

Sold on-demand

Manufactured only per sale to reduce waste & pollution

Powered by 3DP tech

Carefully crafted to represent the world at your fingertips

There's something for everyone

From the adventurous traveler who wants to experience new places without leaving their living room, to those who want an escape from city life.
Most popular locations

Ash Grey color
€198.95 EUR

€198.95 EUR

€198.95 EUR

€198.95 EUR

100% Guarantee of satisfaction

Owning a piece of art is good for you!

Mountains 3D printed landscapes offer an affordable way to own a beautiful work of nature right on your wall without sacrificing quality or sustainability.
Smart functions + modular

Advanced technology board

Every small detail has been repeatedly through so you do not have to, and enjoy the ease and comfort!

Strong magnets installed

Easily attach or remove the land pieces without any effort

All-size keyhole

Any screw head fits in perfectly for wall mounts

Soft cushion padding

Protected against any accidental scratches or marks

Land marks made out of bio-degradable sugar corn-starch plastic!

There is even a scientific paper for it. Check it out here!

For who is 3D Mountains perfect for?


Perfect for stress-relief and engagement!


Travel right in your place without moving!

Honestly anyone

You heard it right - everyone and everybody!

Convinced now?

Now go and grab yourself your own Great Sand Dunes Uluru Mont Blanc Mount Fuji Mount Elbrus Table Mountain Mount Kilimanjaro Mount Rainier Mount Saint Helens Mount Bomo Sigulda